Ivan Sili (Ivan Silva Lidon), dynamic and very perfectionist photographer and graphic designer from Sils (Girona), certified professional by the Escola d'Art d'Olot in Desktop Publishing and Advertising Graphic. Over 400 projects completed successfully guarantee amazing results.
Attracted by the photography world, he acquired all the knowledge in this field by himself until he obtained the desired results, demanding the excellence at all times and all projects.
In the graphic design field, he has worked with great results doing design and photography tasks in some renowned design studios in Girona's region, like Gelis Dissenyadors, Volcano Group o Estudi Sicilia, among others. Now he is working as a freelance.
The exclusivity of their projects make the difference. Each project is adapted to each case, taking into account the wishes and concerns of the customer. Never work from a template of a previous project, making them always exclusive, unique and unbeatable in any other of the projects that have been performed previously.
Although the huge experience gained over the years, Ivan is well aware that there are still many things to learn: "We have to be like sponges and absorb everything we can in order to open ourselves into the advertising and communication world.